Gram Swaraj Sangh

  • Gujarat, India
  • Battling prejudices to ensure lasting change

In a village in Kutch, Gujarat, Sheetal longed to go to school, play and learn with other children. But the nearest school was a kilometre away- not too far for boys but practically out of bounds for girls. But Sheetal was lucky. Her mother stood by her. With the support of Gram Swaraj Sangh’s (GSS), she battled local prejudices and helped her daughter to finish school. Having passed Grade 10 today, Sheetal dreams of becoming a nurse.

  • 87 Schools enabled with the mid-day meal scheme
  • 145 Children groups strengthened
  • 4326 Children enrolled in schools.

What changed

GSS enables positive change in the lives of children by working with local communities, organizing enrolment drives, fairs, street plays awareness programmes and healthcare campaigns. GSS has enabled mid-day meals in more than 80 schools and strengthened more than 145 children's collectives.